Our Business

“Idea”, “Speed”, and “Co-working” are our three keywords for providing outstanding services to our customers.

Export Business

We export Sake products from various parts of Japan to main and developing Sake markets around the world.
In the Future, we plan to export other alcohol beverages  and food products made in Japan to these markets as well.

Our Strengths

・We are always working hard to gather production and market information for our partners abroad.

・We have strong relationships with our Sake breweries.

・We can propose suitable products and sales ideas for your market.

・Build relationships with Sake breweries, wholesalers in major markets, conclude various type of agreements with our suppliers and buyers, depending on their needs.

・Periodic visits to importers and major customers (Restaurants and retailers) in each country, conduct sales promotions and make various proposals on a regular basis, and follow up on local sales in each country.

IT Services Business

We offer a wide variety of proposals and operational support to meet the demand for IT services regardless of the industry.

What we do

・We can design your EC site.

・We can provide unique smartphone application development tools.

New Development Projects

Our strategy is to challenge businesses with expansion potential, keeping in mind new business models with originality.

We will develop and respond to businesses where we can expect synergies between our current export business and IT service business.

Future Plan

・We will continue to seek exciting products that have never been introduce to the market before, and also  trendy products.

・We are planning to implement a new and innovative business model.

・We will seek businesses opportunities that will have a synergistic effect on our Sake export business.