"Sake is an important part of the Japanese culture, and by exporting Sake, we would like to gain Sake fans all over the world"
Endless challenging spirits of the craftsmen,
skills to create delicate and high-quality products,
delicious water from the surrounding rich natural environments,
these are all condensed into a bottle of Sake.
Our mission is to deliver “Happiness” to the world by exporting Sake,
and “Energy” to those who are brewing Sake in Japan.
Eventually, we aim to be the platform of providing not only sake, but many excitements to the world.

Our principle

“Shin-Gi-Tai” means “Spirit”, “Technique”, and “Strength”.

It is occasionally used to express the important balancenecessary to perform
Karate, Judo, and Sumo, the traditional Japanese sports.

  • Shin (Spirit) : we will pursue excitement.
  • Gi (Tequenique) : We will deliver the Japanese skills and quality to the world.
  • Tai (Strength) : We will build together with the Sake breweries, the foundation for mutual prosperity.